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You are welcome to set OneLive navigation as the default browser homepage. OneLive concise navigation is a simple and efficient navigation page that protects privacy and focuses on user experience. The default is the Google search that the public is more accustomed to. Click the icon on the left side of the search box to switch to four search engines, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and OneLiven. Click the red [Recommendation and Submit] below to submit suggestions and submissions for this navigation Excellent website.

OneLive navigation abandons complex and dense URL links, but uses the idea of “accommodating” to concentrate the website in the button. Click on the upper right corner,A lot of popular websites with larger visits are included in it.

How to set as homepage

Switch search engine

First, click the Logo on the left side of the search box to switch to your more commonly used search engine.

The default is Google search, then click to switch to> Bing> Yandex> Baidu> OneLiven, and then copy the address in the address bar.

Open browser settings

Click similar to the upper right corner of the browser: Find the settings in the drop-down menu.

How to set as homepage
How to set as homepage

In this way, the default homepage of the browser is your favorite search engine!

If you want to change to another page in the future, you can also change it according to the above method.

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