Sites included in Fuyeor Docs spam comments will be marked as spam sites.

Currently, spam comments in Fuyeor docs are getting more and more rampant. Therefore, we announced the establishment of a list of spam websites/domains. As long as the links appearing in the spam comments published in Fuyeor docs, the domain names will be collected and extracted, and published on multiple pages that are guaranteed to be indexed by search engines. The page title is: — spam comment site.

Our anti-spam pages are guaranteed to be indexed and indexed by Google, bing, baidu, and yandex. In this regard, we will invest funds to ensure the stability and SEO optimization of these anti-spam sites, and expand the scale of the site, using multiple domain names and more Releases.

When people search for your website domain name (for example: eee) on a search engine, they will see this message: — is a Spam comments site. In the future, we will upgrade the anti-spam website, automatically obtain the page title of the spam website and present it together to ensure that the website, website content subject, and website domain name can all be associated with “spam comments”.

Fuyeor Anti-spam Schematic diagram (the website has not yet been built)
Fuyeor Anti-spam Schematic diagram (the website has not yet been built)
Fuyeor Anti-spam Schematic diagram (the website has not yet been built)
Fuyeor Anti-spam Schematic diagram — This is a website that has posted a lot of spam comments. The content of this website is not credible, please be cautious. The fuyeor anti-spam review site reminds you that those sites have posted a large number of spam links to improve search engine rankings, rather than relying on their own optimization and high-quality content. To prove that the website is not trustworthy.

Spam and spam comments are indeed a good network marketing method, but their marketing methods are indecent, shameless, and despicable. We need to build a clean network environment. It is best for websites to rely on their own SEO and high-quality content to obtain search engine rankings, rather than spamming links.

From today (starting from the publication of this article) we have started collecting the domain names of spam websites. Soon we will launch the anti-spam website to deal with the bad marketing methods of spam.

in addition. We also accept other webmasters to provide corresponding evidence to mark a website domain name as a spam domain name. So please don’t send spam comments on Fuyeor Docs from now on!

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