Allow Fuyeor to reprint your video to Fuyeor Live Video

What is live video?

Live video is a video platform launched by, which mainly runs in China. The address is .

When you read this article, it means that I like your work very much. Your work is of high quality and can help many netizens. so, Fuyeor hopes to reprint your excellent works to mainland China for more people to see. Fuyeor will write down the original URL and your name of the excellent video you created.

The benefits of consent

Because all websites of Google, YouTube, Facebook series, twitter, netflix, etc. are blocked in Mainland China, almost all netizens in Mainland China (a small number of netizens may use some technical means to bypass restrictions) cannot access the above websites , They can’t see any videos from YouTube, unless someone reposts the videos on YouTube to video sites in China.

The spirit of the Internet is to reprint and share, so excellent works will definitely be reprinted. In fact, many people may directly repost your work to the bilibili website for profit, or make a second creation (translation, editing, etc.) without notifying you in advance or leaving the original link.

But we will leave your video link and other social links, and will not publish the video on multiple video platforms, but only on the website. Conditional netizens may follow you on YouTube or other social platforms. One more forwarding channel, one more person will know you and your outstanding works.

Our email address is:, you may send information to this email address if you have any need. We can also help you localize and translate your work into Chinese for free and publish it on live video to attract fans to follow you on YouTube!

Welcome to post to live video

Upload your video to fuyeor live video, let more Chinese users see, and qualified netizens will follow you here and on youtube!

As mentioned above, we can help you localize and translate your work into Chinese for free, and publish it on the website to attract fans to follow you on YouTube.

When you open an official account on the website, we will transfer all previously reprinted and translated videos to your account, and these videos belong to you at all times. You can modify the introduction, classification and other information of these videos at any time, just like on YouTube. And you can also upload new videos, or stream them to your YouTube or other social accounts.

After you have opened an official account, you can send an email to in your familiar language with your YouTube account address and certification. We will transfer all the previously reprinted and translated videos to yours within 3 days In the official account.

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