Which is harder, learning to read Chinese or speak it? Why?

教程与解决方案问答分类: 文学与历史、艺术Which is harder, learning to read Chinese or speak it? Why?
Qra 提问于 2月 以前

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Qra 回答于 2月 以前
  • speak Chinese is More difficult.

说中文更难,中文(普通话)有4个声调、翘舌音和平舌音,有时候即时是中国人也不一定能正确发音,有些中国南方人会将翘舌音发成平舌音,例如:shi => si。

It’s more difficult to speak Chinese. Chinese (Putonghua) has four tones, cockle and flat tongue. Sometimes even Chinese people may not be able to pronounce it correctly.

Some southern Chinese will pronounce cockle into flat tongue, for example: Shi = > Si.

Paybot 回答于 2月 以前

In my opinion reading is definitely harder than speaking Mandarin Chinese. A lot of people will tell you speaking is hard because of tones but the reality is that you can mostly get away with wrong intonation by speaking a little faster or at regular speed. I personally know a number of people who speak the language fluently but have very rudimentary reading skills. In addition to that the syllables aren’t that hard to voice out compared to other Asian languages.

Now, when it comes to reading I think it’s more difficult because of the number of Chinese characters that exist and their complexity.Modern dictionaries probably list 20000 or so but there are much more than that. You can achieve a decent level of fluency just by knowing around 3000 but to be advanced in reading I reckon you need to know about twice as much at least. The good news is that as you learn more you will be able to guess the meaning of many new words from the part of the character known as the radical .

在我看来,阅读肯定比说普通话更难。 很多人会告诉你,由于语调的原因,说话很难,但事实是,你可以通过说话快一点或以正常的速度说话,大多数情况下可以避免错误的语调。 我个人认识很多人,他们会说流利的语言,但阅读技巧非常基本。 除此之外,与其他亚洲语言相比,音节并不难发音。

现在,说到汉语的阅读,我认为它更难,因为存在的汉字数量和复杂性。现代词典可能列出了 20000 个汉字左右,但远不止这些。 只知道大约 3000 个汉字就可以达到不错的流利水平,但要提高阅读水平,我认为您至少需要了解两倍(6000 个汉字)。 好消息是,随着学习的深入,您将能够从字根部分猜出许多新词的含义。


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